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Thank you for becoming a Bear Carer. Please choose your monthly Bear Carer level: BEAR ANGEL (£50/mth) - You are a true angel. Your donation can provide a healthy diet for 20 days, enrichment to stimulate minds, vet care, hammocks and pools. BEAR CARER (£25/mth) - Your donation can provide a healthy diet for 10 days, enrichment treats to stimulate the bears' complex minds or vital veterinary care. CUB CARER (£13/mth) - Your donation will help provide the vital specialist care required for vulnerable cubs which come into our care after their mothers have been killed by hunters. BEAR BUDDY (£5/mth) - Your donation can provide a healthy diet for 2 days or help provide daily enrichment treats to stimulate the complex minds of the bears. SELECT YOUR BEAR CARER LEVEL BELOW

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YES I AM A UK TAXPAYER & WOULD LIKE TO GIFT AID this & future donations to Free the Bears UK (Charity #1135682), allowing them to claim 25p for every £1 I donate. I understand that if I pay less income &/or capital gains tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on my donations in that tax year, it is my responsibility to pay the difference. Please let us know if you change your name or home address, would like to cancel your Gift Aid, or no longer pay sufficient tax

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Thank you for donating to help us protect, rescue & care for sun bears & moon bears. For more information about how your donation will help endangered bears, or to receive the latest news from our sanctuaries, please visit our website & register for email updates, or visit our social media pages. Thank you & bear hugs!